Managing menus in Blutui

How to manage menus (Navigation) in Blutui


How to create or edit your site’s navigation

Website navigation allows visitors to flow from one page to another without frustration. You can have multiple navigation menus on your website and the menu tab is where you are able to create or edit your site’s menu navigation.

Create a New Menu

In order to create a new menu, just click the blue circular plus button in the bottom right corner. This will open up a new page where you will be asked to enter a name and a handle. The name is what the user will see on the front end and the handle is what the template refers to.

Once you have chosen your name and handle, you can build your menu by adding your first item. Do this by clicking the blue Add Menu Item button and give it a label and insert it’s link. Keep the enabled box ticked if you would like the item to remain on your site, otherwise it may disappear.

Editing a Menu

To edit a menu, click the Edit button on the right hand side of the menu panel.

This will take you to a page where you are able to drag and drop to reorganise your menu items. You can have as many nestled items or sub items as you like.

Individual settings for each menu item can be seen by clicking the settings icon listed at the end of the menu item. Here you can control things such as label name, link, whether it is enabled or not or not whether it opens in a new tab when selected.

To delete a menu item, click the rubbish bin icon next to the settings icon and then click save changes at the bottom of the page.