Dashboard Overview

An overview of the site dashboard

Blutui Site Dashboard

Login to your Blutui Site Dashboard by clicking the login button next to your listed site on the Agency Console.

The Site Dashboard contains all of the key content, settings and access controls for a project and is divided into 9 panels:


All of a site’s assets can be accessed from the Assets area of the Site Dashboard. You can upload images, videos and PDFs to the assets panel. Learn more about assets.


With Blutui you can easily create blogs, there is no limit to the number of blogs you can build. Learn more about Blutui Blogs here.


Create and manage your site's pages Learn More.


Blutui has a powerful Form Builder built in. You can create complex forms right from the dashboard with no code required. Learn more about Blutui Forms.


Blutui Collections is a highly customisable tool for creating structured data to use within your site. Learn more about Blutui Collections.


Creating navigation for your site has never been easier, Blutui's menu panel provides complete control over your site's navigation. Learn More.