Blutui Collections - Overview

An overview of Blutui collections, how they work


The collections tab can be found in the navigation menu on the right hand side of the Site Dashboard landing page.

Edit a Collection

Collection Settings

A series of fields that are driving something in a template. Where you can edit groups of things on your site. E.g. Team - collection of their people. Most websites are collection driven. Anything that's a group of information. It can be anything - any dataset you want to use on your website can be used in a collection.

A database equivalent without the hassle of a database. Can create a data structure and then that structure can be referred to in the template.

Collections are on the left Panel on the right: items in the collection Right hand side you can edit the individual collection items using the edit item

Image can be taken from the assets

You plan out how you want your collection to behave. Depending on what you’ve asked for, you'll be able to edit the individual fields which will then reflect on the front end. You don’t have to worry about layout, look or feels because the site will do that for you. Don’t have to worry about where to put images or text etc. You just enter it and the site will do that for you.