Creating a site with Blutui

How to create a website with Blutui

Creating a site with Blutui is fast and straightforward and you can get started straight away

  • You'll only be billed once you add a domain and set the site live.
  • You can build a full site in creative trial mode prior to going live, all Blutui features are available.
  • Blutui trials only allow you to create one site, we'll ask for your billing details when you create a second site.

When you first log in you'll be presented with a message asking you to create a site, you'll then be shown a choice of Canvas options. Canvases are pre-built site examples that you can use as a springboard for your project. Select a Canvas, give your site a name and click Create Site. That's it you've created your first site, the site will be visible in your sites tab and you'll be able to edit the settings and log into it from there.

Once created the site will appear when you sync using the courier, you'll be able to edit the code from there and push and pull changes to your new site.