How organisations work in Blutui


Blutui will automatically create and add your user to an organisation when you sign up

Initially you are the sole owner of your organisation but you can add other Blutui users to your organisation at the following user levels:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Developer

Permission configurations for the above can be modified using the ‘Roles’ settings in the Agency Console.

Settings > Roles

Client Accounts

Add as many client-side account as you need with Blutui

Blutui allows you to add as many client-side accounts as you need to a site from the Site Dashboard. Client-side accounts include Site Owners and Content Managers.

  • Clients and Content Managers can log into the site by appending /admin_ to their domain name, for example access to the dashboard of would be via
  • Blutui agency and developer users with access to the Agency Console can use their main account details to log into the Site Dashboard.
  • You can create client accounts from the site dashboard at: Settings > User Accounts > Users
  • When you create a client account they will be sent an invite email with a token based link, on following the link they will be asked to set a username and password for the site.
  • Following sign up clients will be asked to verify their email address via a second email.

Note: The Site Dashboard is different from the Agency Console. The Agency Console is the interface you are directed to when you login, whereas the Site Dashboard needs to be logged into separately. Please see the video below.