Managing sites

How to manage your sites in the Blutui console


From the sites panel you can view all of your current sites. Selecting the login button on the right hand side will take you to the site dashboard, or selecting the title of the site will open it up and allow you to edit the following settings and options:


In this section, you are able to edit your site's name, sub-domain, description and timezone. On the right hand side of the page you will see a list of actions with red buttons titled Request a Transfer, Unpublish and Delete.

  • Requesting a transfer will mean that you will lose control of that site by transferring ownership to another user. You will no longer have rights to manage it anymore. Clicking on this button will then bring up the following message:

  • Unpublishing a site means that the site will be taken offline and hidden from the public. This action should not be done lightly, particularly if it is a customer site that is generating money. Clicking on this button will then bring up the following message:

  • Deleting your site is a permanent action that cannot be undone. Please be certain before following through with this action. Clicking on this button will then bring up the following message:

Any red buttons you see across the Blutui console mean that these are either permanent actions or have significant consequences. If you click on a red button, you will always be prompted with a secondary message that varies depending on the action you have selected.

Site Handles

The site handle is a unique value that is set when you create a site. Once a site is created the site handle can not be changed. The site handle is limited to 12 characters in length and can be found underneath the name of your site near the top left hand corner of the page.

The site handle is used in combination with your username when syncing your files with courier.

You will be able to view the project handle at any time from the site settings page in the Agency Console


This section is where you will find the password needed to enter your Blutui staging site. If you go to, it will prompt you for this password before being able to enter the site.